Clause Craft



Friendly and personal editing service for writers

The Editor's Task


As your editor my task is to help you to make your work as effective as it can be in bringing across what you want it to bring across.


What will I do?


I will pore over your work and provide you with an editorial comment in which I discuss the strengths of your work and offer advice on how to improve it.

If you also hire me to do a line-edit I will filter out any snags like typing errors, cut-and-paste 'scars', odd sentence constructions and inconsistencies.

I will not change your manuscript beyond recognition. It will still be your work, in your voice.


About Clause Craft


I set up Clause Craft in February 2017, shortly after graduating with a BA Hons in Humanities with Creative Writing and English Language.

During and after my studies I edited and critiqued short stories as well as one full novel. I enjoyed working with authors on crafting their work until it's the best it can be.

I am an author as well as an editor, so I know from experience how difficult it is to judge and edit your own work.

Under my pen name Isha Crowe I am contracted by Kristell Ink publishing. My young adult novel 'Gwithyas: Door to the Void' should be published towards the end of 2017.

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* clause: a grammatical unit consisting of a verb phrase together with any associated elements such as subject, object or adverbial*

* craft: to exercise skill in making*